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Software Downloads

AdTAT (Adelaide Text Analysis Tool)

This is a freeware, java-based concordancing program developed at the University of Adelaide, Australia. It is very simple to use, and is recommended for use with self-made corpora by writers wanting to answer questions about discipline-specific English usage as they write. AdTAT(Adelaide Text Analysis Tool) is freely available from


AntConc is a UNICODE compliant, freeware concordancing program for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems developed by Laurence Anthony of Waseda University, Japan. It is somewhat more complex to learn than AdTAT and has more extensive capability, making it very suitable for people wanting to conduct linguistic research. It can be downloaded from


This is a low-cost concordancing program that has been developed by Chris Greaves and can be downloaded from the Internet at . The program is small in size and easy to learn, yet can quickly perform the searches needed to answer EAL writers' questions about language usage.