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Reviews of the First Edition

"If the author's goal is to give scientists the tools to write and publish compelling, well documented, clear narratives that convey their work honestly and in proper context, they have succeeded admirably."
(Veterinary Pathology, July 2009)

"[The book is] clearly written, has a logical step-by-step structure, is easy to read and contains a lot of sensible advice about how to get scientific work published in international journals."
(Aquaculture International, April 2009)

"Even for a more seasoned writer, the very well laid out and accessible style of the book offers a dip-in reminder of aspects of good scientific writing practice."
(Chemistry World, August 2009)

"Useful for self-study or in the classroom, the book is for native and non-native English speakers, for research students and those who teach them paper-writing skills, and for early career researchers wanting to hone their skills as authors and mentors."
(Book News, September 2009)